Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where the heck is everyone??

This has been news everywhere except the US "mainstream media" for almost 3 weeks.

The great climate change science scandal

Emails have appeared from scientists claiming to have proven man made global warming. The emails show how the proponents "cooked the books" so to speak, to cover the fact there has actually beem global cooling since 1998.

The Grand Forks Herald even ignores the story, but maybe they are waiting for the AP to send them the story. The AP is sorta like the Grand Forks Info Center where reporters can get their story without actually having to do any research on their own.

An outspoken Herald blogger, The City Beat is a big believer of man-made global warming, but I wouldn't expect him to mention it anyway. He claims he only has time to cover the city and the university so we won't expect anything soon until he runs out of things and mentions his stands on politics and global warming again.

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