Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Red Dots

6" Ruger SA .17HMR

The Bushnell was just too bulky, it was replaced with an ATN Compact Digital sight. It has a choice of three reticles and has an on/off switch unlike the FirePoint on my 10mm Glock.


Here's the ATN

These are 10 yard sight-in groups. The red dot sight sits high above the barrel so I like to have it sighted in to hit a little low at this distance and then be just about right on at 50 yards or so.

These were shot at about 45 yards in fading light this evening. The ATN's red dot is a little too big as it seemed to cover most of the 5.5" target. It worked well on 20oz water bottles at about 25 yards so it should shoot minute-of-gopher. Maybe find out this coming weekend. The two large cartridges are 17 HMR with a 22 long rifle for comparison.


Monday, June 18, 2007


It's too wet !
I think some parts of the lawn are going to be subject to "drown out." Makes me think I'm back farming but at least our life savings aren't planted in the lawn like a farmers field is.

Spoiled, whining fans !
Show me another race track with two main features every week. Stop whining about the River Cities Speedway and show me where, anywhere, they have Late Models AND Sprints racing every week throughout the summer. There are a lot of tracks that don't race any higher than Modifieds every week. If the same number of folks that come to each Friday night race, showed up at special events like the Late Model Special, maybe the tickets would be cheaper. Just guessing here as I don't know for sure.

Ex-Wives Club
While working on Joker's training trail log and waiting for my turn on the treadmill (is working & waiting multi-tasking?) I happened to channel surf onto the Ex-Wives Club. Sorta interesting, especially when they blew up Ex-Hubby's pride and joy ski-boat. Wonder what the environmental expense for the clean-up was. Dumping gasoline in the water and throwing a lit flare in the water/gasoline. I wonder how they got the boat to stop where it was when they sent if off from the dock with nobody in it. It was pretty neat watching it explode.

Weather & Dog hair
ND weather! Where it's 90* and humid one day and nearly jacket weather less than 48 hours later. The heat really makes the big dogs shed. My wife claims we get enough hair to make another dog every spring. I hope not. We buy enough dog food and scoop enough poop as it is without adding any more. If someone could come up with a marketable use for doggy doo, count us in.

"Invitation only" blog. Why bother?
What's the deal with Voice of Dakota Blog? Were some of us too hard on her? Too controversial for her "day job"? It seems to work pretty good for 2E at the City Beat but since he does a lot of research for his "day job" it may not work as well for others. I guess there's a difference between having time to write it and wait for it to be seen/read and having to think fast at a microphone. (honestly - I couldn't do justice to either, but don't tell anyone)

Later . . . . .