Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Here's my solution to:
#1, what to do with smiley? see 2E's Blog and VOD's Blog and
#2 What to do with the Gateway entrance to GF? see 2E's Blog again.

How many cities have a landmark water tower held up by their namesake Grand "Forks"?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just bow out or . . . . . .

It's now Sunday afternoon and I've been gone for a few days. Had or maybe still have bronchitis so can hardly talk (as if anyone is listening) and I'm really tired. After this past month or so I was thinking about dumping this blog. It's not like there is any information here that can't be found anywhere else. The only real reason for this was to be able to post comments on a couple of blogs that don't allow anonymous comments and like this couldn't be anonymous anyway. :-)

Even though it's been interesting to spread a little discontent on a few blogs, it's only a small, very, very small, item in the whole grand scheme of things. It's not like we will change each other's minds, it's more like giving our side to the post via a comment.

If you wonder about the avatar at my comments or the photo in my profile , they are two of our dogs. This hound has let me support him on numerous searches, the most recent was Thurs, Fri & Sat on the Red Lake Indian Reservation and before that, near Fourtown, MN. As a team, we are only two of many searchers, with & without dogs, that have been involved in trying to bring some closure to these families. You have to be affected when you deal directly, face to face, with people that have come together, to help someone, even on a day of Thanksgiving. Interacting with the victim's families also has an affect.
And then come home and read the blogs.

I like the blogs that pass on info. That expand on info available elsewhere. Of course, those things that interest me are what I pay more attention to, just as I suppose other things interest others. Some blogs seem like they are just there to expose what they think are injustices and I guess they are interesting too, but I think they suffer more from a lack of facts than lack of justice.

What is the point?

Well it's all interesting but what's interesting? Where does it all fit in the grand scheme of things? Big deal if there's a new restaurant coming to town, but I've met a couple of families that won't be together again to even eat at the same table.

There's always a place for everyone and their thoughts, but we can't take ourselves too serious.

Even those of us that spread a little discontent.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Something completely different.

(stole a line from Monty Python)

I'm sick of politics. They make everyone "irritable" and "testy." Including me. Especially me and I tend to take it out on blog comment sections. (some are just plain fun though) Political commercials get sickening when seen/heard over & over. At least "2E" at the City Beat had a few humerous ones linked on his blog.

I know John Kerry was attempting a joke, but I also know it was one of the stupidist things I've heard this entire political season. Why did everyone jump on his case? For the same reason Quayle get so much crap about his spelling. It's politics and if a Republican had said it there would have been an earthquake while the main stream media types stampeded to tell the world instead of apologizing for Kerry's mistake.

NOW for the something completely different.

My father has been in and out of an assisted living facility and a couple of nursing homes in the GF area. We are extremely lucky as he prepared for just such a thing with insurance and savings so that isn't as big a problem as it could be. (Not that it has anything to do with the following.)

What I'd like to bring up, is the people that work in these facilities. It has to take a special person to work at this day after day. Like anywhere else, there's always a couple of patronizing personalities, but for the most part, our experience has been positive. I'd especially like to mention Tufte Manor and the Northwood Deaconess Health Center and the staff at both places. Smiles all over the place while I know they constantly deal with the very things that brought us to bring our elders to their facillity in the first place. And it's everyone. Not just at the front desk where it's expected, it's the person running the vacuum cleaner, delivering the laundry, nursing staff and aides.

I'm sure none of you get the credit you deserve.

My hat's off to you folks as I know I couldn't do it.

Thank you,